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Jonex Express (Jones International Transportation) is a Saudi Arabian logistics company based in Riyadh. At Jonex we pride ourselves to be the trusted partner for both large and small businesses operating their logistics requirements in the most professional manner.

Founded in 2019, we provide excellent fulfillment solutions, last-mile deliveries as well as pre-paid packages at competitive prices to support new start-ups. Utilizing our transportation and warehousing capacities across KSA we deliver to more than 100 cities, covering Central, Western and Eastern areas, with a further expansion to the Southern Region. We have 5 equipped warehouses in the main cities of KSA (Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Buraydah, Khamis Mushait).

Jonex specializes in the temperature-control logistics sector, serving businesses in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other temperature-sensitive industries. The unbroken cold transportation chain is essential for these businesses. It demands flawless execution in everything from pick-up to storage to end-consumer delivery. We, at Jonex, understand that, and our refrigerated shipping solutions ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of goods in cold conditions.

Our vehicles are equipped with appropriate cooling systems that can maintain the temperature for various ranges from 2°C and up to 25°C. And our smart monitoring solutions provide proof of shipment stability across the supply chain.

Our team of experienced professionals always puts our motto of 'Choose excellence' into practice by providing high quality services to our customers.

Headquartered in Riyadh, we are intended to transport and administer stock as per your business necessities while accomplishing the speed, accuracy, and flexibility required in the present unique supply chains.

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Our aim is to be indispensable partner to our clients providing them excellent service and hassle-free logistics experience.


Our mission is to raise the level of logistics services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing comprehensive logistics solutions, excellent customer service, transparency and professionalism at every step of the process in order to increase customer satisfaction and support their business growth. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous improvement of operations through innovations and technology.

Jonex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified logistics company. ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification provides an assurance to our clients and partners that we comply with the principles of quality management.

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